FOCUS Speech-language therapy strategies for teaching kids to talk

Our Fort Myers Speech-Language Therapy Strategies for Kids

Concrete thinkers communication Fort Myers speech therapist

Fort Myers Speech Therapist Tips for Communicating With Concrete Thinkers

Fort Myers SLP doing speech therapy

“Let’s Do It Again!” Fort Myers SLP Explains Why Kids Love Repetition

speech therapy milestones ages 0-4

Speech Therapy Milestones Ages 0-4

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Pediatric Speech Therapy Service Needs Have Expanded Post-Pandemic

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Identifying Speech Delays in 2-Year-Olds

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Concerned About Child Speech Sound Development? See if Your Child’s On Track

Fort Myers speech therapists & occupational therapists teach inferencing

Why Occupational & Speech Therapists in Fort Myers Teach Kids Inferencing

baby screen time linked to high demand for speech therapy Fort Myers

Screen Time Speech Delays = Higher Speech Therapy Fort Myers Demand

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics showed that when 1-year-olds are exposed to 4+ hours of screen time daily, they experience developmental delays in speech-language communication and problem-solving skills. In turn, we’re seeing…

Fort Myers speech therapist child speech delays

Risk Factors for Child Speech Delays – Fort Myers Speech Therapist Insight