pediatric therapy careers in Fort Myers, Florida

FOCUS is proud to offer career opportunities for those seeking pediatric therapy careers in Southwest Florida. We're looking for professionals who are bright, caring, energetic, creative, and dedicated to excellence in their field. We welcome talented, hard-working pediatric therapists, therapy assistants, and administrative staffers to join our “FOCUS Family.”

Commitment is important for any job. But pediatric therapy careers are more than just “a job.” For many of us, it’s a calling. It’s our passion. That’s important for anyone working with children, and it’s crucial when working with those who have disabilities.

Communication styles and clinical approaches are fundamentally different when working with children as compared to adults. We look for people who understand this and are as big-hearted as they are smart and creative.

Fort Myers Pediatric Therapy Clinic Hiring Fields

  • Behavior Therapy (BCBA/ board-certified behavior analyst/ bachelor’s degree or master’s degree; RBT/ registered behavior technician)
  • Physical Therapy (doctorate-level; PTA/ physical therapy assistant )
  • Speech Therapy (master’s-level; bachelor’s-level; associate-degree level)
  • Occupational Therapy (master’s-level; bachelor’s-level; associate-degree level)

Licensed therapists as well as therapy assistants are encouraged to apply. We hire everyone from new graduates to veteran therapists.

FOCUS looks for team players who are upbeat and on-board with a multi-disciplinary approach to pediatric therapy. A child’s development is contingent on the progression of interconnected systems and skills. Many of our clients receive multiple therapy services. Not only is it convenient to have it all in one place, but a multi-disciplined approach benefits therapists because they are able to work closely and even collaborate with experts in other complementary disciplines.

In each position, we expect therapists to possess effective communication skills. Beyond the standard written evaluations and progress reports, our therapists must be able to explain our services and clinical strategies to families. Our therapists need to help put parents at ease, even when discussing difficult topics. Our client are not just appointments - they are members of our "FOCUS Family."

It’s essential that children are comfortable with their therapists and that caregivers trust the therapist’s professional judgment and advice. That starts with good communication.

We aim to establish a supportive and encouraging environment for every child, and an enriching, fulfilling career for those who join our team. At FOCUS, we care about your personal success!

Southwest Florida pediatric therapy careers speech therapist in session

Benefits of Pediatric Therapy Careers at FOCUS Therapy

Ask any of our therapists: They LOVE coming to work!

So do our therapy assistants, staffers and students who have completed externships.

These careers are undoubtedly challenging at times. But that’s also what makes the successes so rewarding - especially when you work with such a supportive team.

Our clinic is welcoming, conveniently-located and fully-equipped, and we are proud to serve a diverse patient population.

Some of the reasons our therapists chose FOCUS pediatric therapy in Fort Myers:

  • Competitive pay.
  • Great benefits for medical, dental & vision.
  • Independent contractor status/ flexibility to set your own schedule.
  • No productivity quotas to meet.
  • No mandatory work on nights or weekends.
  • Small clinic with friendly staff.
  • A fun, positive environment with therapists and staffers who enjoy their work.
  • Clean, fully-furnished clinic.
  • Owner who is fair, honest and always available.
  • Job shadowing experience for therapy assistants.
  • Staff events and appreciation days.

FOCUS is also happy to offer opportunities for specialized training and career growth. We believe the better therapist you are, the better clinic we have.

We are committed to providing the highest quality pediatric therapy to the children we are privileged to serve. FOCUS gives therapists the resources they need to provide clients with the best possible chance to succeed.

Student Externships

Demand is high in Southwest Florida for professionals in the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavior therapy. The future of these professions depends on caring, driven individuals.

Those pursuing degrees in pediatric therapy careers can apply for a fellowship or student externship at FOCUS Therapy. We encourage you to apply early, as we only accept one student per discipline at any given time. This is for the benefit of the children, students, and clinic.

Just as early intervention is so important for our pediatric patients, teaching new therapists effective strategies when they're just starting out is essential. Nurturing talented, caring professionals when they're just starting out in their field is so important to us, and we want to make sure we do it right.

For students, being the only one in training means you get the resources of all the staff in that discipline. That will go farther to boost your professional development.

For therapists, it means we can each take adequate time to offer our own unique insights and experiences to help augment the student’s strengths and skills.

Our pediatric patients will benefit from the fresh perspective of an enthusiastic student who has received proper guidance and training and who is invested in their progress.

If you are looking for a fantastic opportunity in a rewarding pediatric therapy profession with people who love what they do, FOCUS is for you!