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FOCUS stands for Follow Our Course Until Successful. We are a family-oriented, private pediatric clinic offering speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy, and ADOS testing for kids in Southwest Florida. Our staff, therapists, patients, and their families are all a valued part of our FOCUS family.
FOCUS Therapy
I have been taking my son to FOCUS for years and have seen so much improvement in him. The therapists go above and beyond our expectations and show these kids their full potential! They are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!
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Hands down the BEST facility for your special needs child in SWFL. The owner is amazing, and has done a fantastic job in making sure your child gets his or her needs met with the most professional therapists and hard working front office team as well. Endless possibilities for your child here at FOCUS. They really make sure that you and the children are as comfortable as possible. They’re smart, they keep you in the loop of everything they’re doing with your child, and they give you strategies you can take home. They are on point with their communication on scheduling. All-in-all, a great facility, team and people. I would recommend FOCUS therapy 100% to any family of a child with special needs.
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We would give FOCUS Therapy 10 stars if we could. The therapists are skilled, caring, and effective. Our son was non-verbal when he first started. Now, almost two years later, he speaks in small sentences, is answering yes/ no questions and even asks for hugs. By helping him unlock the ability to use language, they have opened so many doors of discovery for him. These therapists love what they do, love these kids, and are so helpful in teaching parents ways to carry over important therapy strategies at home. Best child speech and occupational therapy in Southwest Florida.
We started going to FOCUS about 2 years ago. When we switched over, I was so nervous because we didn't have the best experience at the previous clinic. At FOCUS, you could feel the positive energy right when you walked in. They cater to each child's individual needs to make sure they are learning the best way possible. We are forever thankful for the amazing therapists we have here for being so patient, loving and supportive.

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"Very happy with the services my son receives. FOCUS has amazing staff and therapists. ... My son loves his therapist and enjoys going to therapy. Even when having a bad day, they manage to turn his day around and put a smile on his face."

focus therapy fort myers

"Beyond grateful for everyone at FOCUS therapy . I don't think my son would have gotten as far as he has in such short time without there help. I'm amazed at how much he has accomplished. From not liking to get haircuts to now asking for them... From saying one small word to now making a full sentence. This is truly amazing - he will be school ready in no time!"

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"My daughter has been going to FOCUS for almost a year for gentle proactive support with both speech and OT and I simply cannot recommend FOCUS enough. My daughter absolutely adores the entire staff and every interaction I’ve had has been positive, supportive and professional. They go out of their way to make your child feel special, important and completely comfortable. So thankful we found them!"

focus therapy fort myers

"My son has been attending at FOCUS for a little over 14 months, and the transformation is noticeable. The time and the effort that they put into my son is reciprocated - they create relationships that are meaningful, and for my child with ASD that’s amazing. My son knows all the different therapist by name and even with the tiny front office, it’s only small because all the amazingly large space in the back rooms are dedicated to the children and all the different activities they do. They put on a Halloween spectacular last year, which was sensory friendly for the kids. I can’t rave enough about the practices at FOCUS."

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"My daughter has been going here for about 7 months now, and the progress has been amazing. When we started therapy she would be so upset and cry as she went back. This was something we were working through. I expressed my concern after the first day, and they were addressed that day by the owner, Jen. Now she walks back excited to go to speech. We went from no words to a few clear words and attempting at many different words. The staff has been nothing but accommodating and patient as we worked through everything as a team! I am so thankful for this wonderful partnership that we have created!"

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We've been going to FOCUS Therapy for over a year now. We absolutely love all of the staff and couldn't be happier with the progress! Our daughter loves to go and asks to go. We quite often have a very crazy schedule and they've always been so kind and accommodating.
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I have been taking my son here for years now, and I can honestly say they are kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and listen to the child and parent to help the whole family help their kiddo succeed. Jennifer (the owner) has such a big heart, and all the therapists we have had have always done anything they could to help support our son in his goals.
Down syndrome speech therapy Fort Myers
FOCUS has been a complete Godsend. Our son is 7 and has Down Syndrome. Since he has been going to FOCUS for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, he has progressed SO much. He is always so excited to go to therapy, and he loves his therapists so much. Sometimes he doesn’t want to leave, which makes my heart so happy. The therapists are amazing and the whole staff is loving and welcoming. If I could give them a million stars I would.
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My son has been going to FOCUS Therapy for a few years. He sees them for Speech, OT and PT. His therapists are wonderful, and the office staff go above and beyond to make sure my son is taken care of. FOCUS has become an extension of our family over the years and my son is so lucky to have them.

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“I love this place. From the girls at the reception up to the owner. My son with autism started off non verbal. Once he started at FOCUS, not only does he verbally communicate, he also knows sign language. The early intervention is working wonders - and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this. If I could give this clinic 10 stars I would!”
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“I have seen so much improvement in my daughter's speech since starting speech therapy (at FOCUS). She starting to talk in full sentences and phrases. She is starting soon occupational therapy, and I just know she is going to improve even more. Thanks to the therapist and staff for always making her feel comfortable and happy to be in therapy.”
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“The experience I have had with FOCUS is phenomenal. From the friendly staff, to the very caring therapists - they’re all so communicative and addressed all my concerns. I see such a huge improvement with my child. I’m so thankful we chose FOCUS for therapy, & would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!”
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"Words can’t even say how grateful I am to have found this place! In just a few months, my son's speech has improved so much. All of the therapists are so engaged with the kids, and they really make therapy enjoyable and effective. My son has bonded with his therapist and he looks forward to coming each week! 10/10 recommend, we have had such a positive and impactful experience here!"


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(Owner) Jennifer's vision should be the model across-the-board for all therapy centers treating kids with autism. My non-verbal daughter has made a lot of progress since starting therapy. She has learned some signs and is using the toilet. She is responding more when I ask her to do commands and the quality of our daily life has been deeply affected in a very positive direction. FOCUS therapy is #illuminating autism at the highest degree of success.
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FOCUS Therapy has been amazing for our twin boys! Everyone at FOCUS has been professional, courteous and above all, have treated our boys as their own. Both of our boys have progressed tremendously in a very short period of time with FOCUS and we couldn't be happier!
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Our son would never have made the progress he has without the FOCUS team's commitment to caring and advocacy. They have treated us like family. They always go above and beyond to help us navigate the challenges - and celebrate the victories. We are so grateful for all the amazing work they do.
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FOCUS therapy plays such an important role in my life! My 9-year-old son receives speech, occupational, and physical therapy multiple times a week. The staff is always professional and courteous, my son loves interacting with all of the different therapists! They keep you informed and up-to-date, always making me feel included in what he's up to. I highly recommend FOCUS Therapy to anyone who is in need of such services for their child!
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The team at FOCUS is phenomenal. I couldn't recommend their services more highly. The therapists are amazing, and the support team is unbelievable. The front office staff is an absolute pleasure. If you're doing research on potential therapy services in Southwest Florida, look no further!
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Finding FOCUS was the biggest blessing I could have asked for. Starting at age 3, my daughter had fewer than 12 words & could not speak in more than single words. Her expressive vocabulary was very limited and her intelligibility very low. She was not potty-trained and struggled with several daily age-appropriate tasks. Now, 10 months later, she is a completely different child thanks to the guidance and care from her amazing therapists! She can speak in complete sentences, carry on a conversation, sing and joke around. Her overall attitude & tantrums improved drastically once she was understood and could properly communicate her wants and needs. ... She is fully potty trained after countless prior failed attempts at home. Her coordination has improved, she can even “draw” a picture now using age-appropriate shapes, where previously she didn’t have the hand strength to draw more than a scribble. I am still seeing weekly improvements, and watching her confidence blossom is the best. Her therapists have become like family to us, she comes home and talks about them all the time and calls them her “best friends.” I cannot recommend FOCUS and it’s incredible team enough. Thank you for all that you do to change my daughter’s life for the better.