Fort Myers pediatric therapy team members

FOCUS is only possible because of its people. Our Fort Myers pediatric therapists are skilled, caring professionals, constantly collaborating to provide the best experience & outcomes for your child.

FOCUS offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavior therapy (ABA), teletherapy and feeding/swallowing therapy for children in Southwest Florida.

Our Fort Myers pediatric therapists are all educated, fully-licensed and in some cases trained and credentialed in specialized programs. Beyond that, each has a passion for this work, and is fully committed to helping every child achieve their full potential. FOCUS will pair your child with pediatric therapists whose skills and schedule will best meet your child's needs. We have decades of experience treating children with a wide range of developmental delays and disabilities. But the most important asset our therapists offer isn’t the number of degrees, certificates or top-of-the-class GPAs – it’s their enthusiasm for seeing children excel.

“We have very caring and compassionate therapists who love their job and these children,” said Jennifer Voltz, owner of FOCUS.

Our emphasis is on play-based therapies (which are also evidence-based), so enjoying the company of kids is a central quality that all our pediatric therapists possess.

“When I hire someone at FOCUS, I’m looking for the therapists who come back every day for these kids. THOSE are the people I want on my team.”

We also couldn't do any of it without our invaluable administrative staff, who handle appointments and scheduling, insurance issues, billing and collection of medical forms and physician referrals  – all with great courtesy and professionalism.

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