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1:1 Fort Myers Parent Effectiveness Training From Child Behavior Experts

Being a parent is tough. When it comes to challenges like tantrums, not listening, aggression, bedtime routine issues, toilet training, sibling fights and other behavior challenges – it’s totally normal to be at a loss about what to do. The good news is our ABA therapists offer Fort Myers parent effectiveness training, more commonly referred to as behavior consulting or parent coaching.

Parent effectiveness training is ideal for families of kids who struggle with certain behaviors, but don’t necessarily need the intensive, daily ABA therapy recommended for kids with autism. It can also be super helpful for parents whose kids are diagnosed with conditions qualifying for ABA, but for now are cooling their heels on Southwest Florida ABA therapy waitlists.

Our ABA therapists are pediatric behavior experts. We know how to get to the root of the behavior, determine why it is happening, and formulate effective, easy-to-implement strategies that will work best for your children and your parenting style.

It does not require a diagnosis or doctor’s referral, and parents can obtain as much or as little support as possible. We’ll even come to your home! After the initial in-person consultation, we can also offer follow-up support and guidance via email, phone calls, and video chats as needed.

Child Behavior Problems We Help Address

As experts in child behavior, our ABA therapists are equipped to help parents more effectively navigate difficulty with:

  • Tantrums and meltdowns. Frequent emotional outbursts can be tough to manage. We teach parents how to identify triggers and implement strategies to mitigate these episodes.
  • Aggressive behavior. Aggression towards others can include kicking, hitting, biting, pinching, etc. This can be disruptive and embarrassing, but also dangerous. ABA therapists in behavior consulting / parent effectiveness training to develop and implement behavior intervention plans to reduce and replace aggressive behaviors.
  • Self-injurious behavior. Sometimes aggressive behavior is directed inward. Head-banging, self-biting, etc. – these can all be very alarming, and parents are right to seek help. Our ABA consulting team can help parents understand the function of these behaviors, and work to teach kids safer alternative ways for the child to effectively communicate their wants and needs.
  • Non-compliance. It can be incredibly frustrating when your child is defiant. Our Fort Myers parent effectiveness training helps guide parents to address this with positive reinforcement tactics combined with structured routines and consistency.
  • Communication deficits. Trouble communicating can lead to frustration and behavioral issues. ABA therapists (and speech therapists) can train parents in using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods and promote verbal communication skills.
  • Social skills deficits. Challenges interacting with peers can impact a child’s social development – and can be either the source or result of behavioral issues. In behavior consulting, our ABA therapists provide parents with strategies to enhance social skills through play and structured activities.

What’s Involved in Fort Myers Parent Effectiveness Training / Parent Coaching / Behavior Consulting

All of the parent effectiveness training strategies we recommend are evidence-based interventions. Many we have actually implemented ourselves – either as ABA therapists or parents.

Our goal is to empower parents to reduce or eliminate behaviors that are unwanted, unexpected, unsafe, or unhealthy, while increasing the behaviors that are expected, desired, safe, and expected.

Part of what we teach parents and caregivers in ABA behavior consulting / parent effectiveness training is that often, in order to change a child’s behavior, parents/caregivers first need to understand the behavior – and then possibly change their own. So often as parents, we unintentionally reinforce problem behaviors. It’s not because we are bad parents. It’s because we aren’t first getting to the root of why the behavior is happening.

We’ll start with the initial assessment and then structured goal setting. We’re very intentional about the strategies we recommend. We’ll be sure to take into account your goals and resources in defining specific, measurable goals and workable strategies.

Then we’ll offer:

  • Basic education on ABA principles. We’ll give you a rundown of the basic concepts, such as reinforcement, punishment, and extinction. Understanding these principles is essential for effective child behavior management.
  • Modeling and demonstration. ABA therapists will demonstrate specific techniques and strategies that we want parents to implement. Parents will have the chance to directly observe and learn how to most effectively apply these methods.
  • Hands-on practice. We’ll provide opportunities to practice these new skills with the guidance of our therapists – either in-person or virtually. We my ask to observe certain interactions via video conferencing (sometimes best when our presence may throw off the natural dynamic) or be there to witness it firsthand.
  • Feedback and analysis. We’ll give parents constructive feedback on the ways in which they’re applying these techniques.. We might not hit a homerun the very first time because every kid is different. We look at what’s working, what isn’t, and then make adjustments if needed – or encourage parents to consistently stay the course. Consistency is key with behavior therapy. It’s especially effective when strategies are applied across environments and situations.
  • Problem-solving pep talks. If there are new or escalating behavior issues that are arising, we’ll work to help you identify your child’s triggers, determine the function of those behaviors, and then implement appropriate, effective interventions to address them.

If you have questions about our behavior consulting / parent coaching / parent effectiveness training in Southwest Florida, let us know! Although our highly skilled child behavior experts are based in Lee County, Florida, through virtual platforms, can actually extend ABA Consulting services to parents across Florida.

FOCUS offers child behavior consulting and ABA therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online.

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