ABA Therapy vs. Behavior Consulting for child behavior problems Fort Myers

ABA Therapy vs. Behavior Consulting

Are you a parent struggling with difficult child behaviors, but your child doesn’t qualify for intensive ABA therapy? If your child does not have a qualifying diagnosis for ABA, is on a waitlist for ABA, doesn’t have insurance to cover ABA, or you simply aren’t ready for the kind of major commitment ABA therapy requires to be effective, FOCUS Therapy offers Behavior Consulting for kids and parents in Fort Myers.

Our ABA therapists can give parents the tools to help them address a myriad of behavior problems – without requiring ADOS testing, physician referral, or comprehensive diagnostic testing and in-depth plans of care.

Although we are based in Fort Myers, FL we can also offer Florida virtual behavior consulting for kids & parents throughout state – and beyond.

Our services include consultation, parent coaching, written action plans, social stories, visual schedules, helpful books and video guides, follow-up sessions (over the phone, video conferencing, emails, etc.), and other tools to help parents get to the root of the behavior issue and implement effective course correction.

FOCUS offers child behavior consulting and ABA therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online.

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