Focus Therapy pediatric therapy clinic

At FOCUS, we are committed to providing a fun, safe, enriching pediatric therapy clinic here in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. We serve children with a range of developmental delays, disabilities, and challenges, helping them learn, grow, and ultimately gain independence, confidence, and mastery of life skills they'll use every day.

Our therapists are available to offer:

Our pediatric therapy clinic spaces are cheerful, spacious, inviting, sensory-rich and always buzzing with activity. To bolster the success of every child, each session is a chance to “play.”

Play is the universal language of childhood. It’s the way children work to understand each other, us and the world around them.

“We make it fun,” FOCUS Owner Jennifer Voltz said. “We say, ‘Come on, let’s go play!’ We never say, ‘Come on, let’s go back and do some therapy.’ We say, ‘What do you want to play with? Show me what you’re excited about! What do you want to do today?’ We let the child lead the therapist to what they are interested in – and when we find out what that is, we have the skills to use to help them make progress.”

Our evidence-based approaches start with ensuring our team and each child is equipped with everything they need to be safe, practice important skills, reach their goals - and have so much fun doing it!

FOCUS Therapy Fort Myers pediatric therapy clinic

Sensory Gym

Our pediatric therapy clinic has a full sensory gym, which features a ball pit, swings, a trampoline, mats, play steps and other equipment. To the kids, it looks like a free-for-all paradise! But it's all strategic. The sensory gym is a structured environment ideal for helping children with special needs advance their sensory, motor and communication skills. This kind of equipment is especially important because it integrates a child’s sensory input, something with which kids with special needs often struggle. In some cases, children become overwhelmed with too much sensory information (over-sensitivity), while in other cases, sensory information isn’t properly registered (under-sensitivity). The more a child can master sensory integration skills, the easier it’s going to be to learn and process new information. Bonus: The sensory gym is also a great way to boost social skills and self-esteem!

Therapy Room

Meanwhile, our open therapy room is packed with an array of toys, books, puzzles, games and crafts that are interesting and colorful and sure to engage your child in the learning process. We generally try to avoid isolating children during therapy sessions unless it’s necessary. We believe this type of open atmosphere not only helps foster appropriate interaction among children and other therapists, it gives children the opportunity to work on honing their skills in the midst of distractions. For many children with special needs, our everyday world can seem chaotic and distracting. It’s important they learn how to function and complete tasks in spite of that. Our sessions are one-on-one (except when we co-treat), but the open therapy structure helps children develop adjustment skills that will prove useful in the real world.

Quiet Spaces

Quiet spaces and testing rooms are also available for children who need to limit distractions and give their full attention to the task at hand.  These spaces are calm and inviting and necessary when a child may be getting over-stimulated or have a special assignment or testing.   These quiet therapy rooms are also used when we have adult professionals who are working on accent modification.

Waiting Room

Parents will find our waiting room can be a bustling place, particularly during hourly appointment transitions. You are free to remain on site during your child’s sessions. We have free WiFi, a television and a small selection of toys for siblings. Parents may also choose to run an errand or simply head out for a little quiet time during their child’s session. We ask them to return 10 minutes prior to the end of the session to make sure they are on time to pick up their child and so the therapist has a few minutes to detail the day’s progress.

Friendly Pediatric Therapy Clinic Staff

Our helpful, knowledgeable office staff is also available to answer your questions, assist you with scheduling concerns and offer any other guidance you might need.

The goal each day is to make FOCUS Therapy a place where your child will have a fun, productive learning session in an environment that is safe, secure and supportive.