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Spotting The Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you’re concerned your child might have early signs of autism, do NOT to “wait-and-see.”

We know “autism” is a scary word for many parents. The idea that something could be “wrong” with your child or that they’re going to need a full schedule of therapies – it’s overwhelming. We get it. In fact, some of our therapists also have kids on the spectrum; it’s what got us into the field.

Here’s what’s important to know: A diagnosis isn’t a dead-end. It’s a door. It’s what unlocks access to the essential services that will ultimately help your child reach their full potential. There is ample research showing that the sooner we can start early intervention therapies (ABA, speech, OT) with kids on the autism spectrum, the better their long-term prognosis – by miles.

As awareness increases and parents and doctors are becoming more vigilant in spotting the early signs of autism, diagnoses as early as 12 months and treatment as young as 18 months.

FOCUS Therapy provides early intervention therapies, as well as ADOS testing (a standardized test used by doctors in diagnosing autism) and child behavior consulting (for patients who are on an ABA waitlist or lack a qualifying diagnosis for it).

Every kid is different. Autism isn’t going to look the same each one. Actual outcomes vary depending on a host of factors. What we can tell you for certain is that many of the kids we treat at FOCUS Therapy – particularly those who start with us very young – ultimately “graduate” from our services. Some you could cross on the street today and never know they have a diagnosis unless you knew them well or were specifically told. That’s not evidence of a “cure” for autism. But what it does illustrate that when we start early and parents stay committed to the process, we can help these kids reach their full potential to live full, productive, happy lives.

Our team of dedicated Fort Myers ABA, speech, OT, and physical therapists care about these kids. Our patients come first. And we know the sooner we can start treating them, the better chance they’ll have to succeed in whatever comes next.

So if you are concerned your child may be showing early signs of autism – do not wait. Ask your pediatrician for an autism screening and local ADOS test referral.

FOCUS offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric behavior consulting and ABA therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online.

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