Christopher Pomazanko, COTA/L

Christopher Pomazanko


Christopher Pomazanko is a COTA/L who has been with the occupational therapy team at FOCUS since 2019.

He was always drawn to the medical field. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2005, he was initially slated to study diagnostic medical sonography at Keiser University. He switched majors, though, after striking up a conversation with the head of the Occupational Therapy Department.

“After an hour of talking, we both decided my personality was more suited for being an occupational therapist,” he says.

He earned his associate’s degree as an occupational therapy assistant in 2017. He has experience in geriatrics as well as pediatrics.

“In pediatrics, I enjoy seeing children with autism who had difficulty with social engagement come out of their shell and start to play and really engage with their peers,” he says. “I like the fact that kids don’t really know they’re receiving therapy. They think they’re here to play! I get to tell my friends and family that I get to play with Legos, build obstacle courses and color all day at work.”

Chris grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, 30 minutes north of the city, on 11 acres of land with a pond, pool, and barn. He speaks both English and Polish, and has a small, close family that carries on the Polish traditions of his grandparents, who immigrated from the Central European country. Here in Southwest Florida, he enjoys warm weather, beaches, and the fact that he doesn’t have to defrost his car windows each morning.

“I shovel sunshine, not snow, and I love the way sunscreen smells in January!”

At FOCUS, he’s found a tight-knit, family-like environment. Working with therapists of all disciplines, he says, has been a true asset in achieving success and helping kids meet their goals.

Although the goals and strategies to reach them vary from child to child, Chris aims to make every session fun.

“I also never take myself too seriously – because kids won’t, and they will humble you rather quickly,” he joked. “I will always treat the individual, not the diagnosis. I plan my sessions in a way that makes kids want to return. This is a fun destination where they get to play everyday – not a chore.”