FOCUS Florida early intervention therapy benefits

Benefits of Early Intervention Therapy

What is a sensory diet? Fort Myers occupational therapists explain

Fort Myers Occupational Therapists Explain Sensory Diet

Fort Myers occupational therapists

“Heavy Work” Recommended by Fort Myers Occupational Therapists

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Fort Myers Swimming Lessons Can Reduce Drowning Risk for Kids With Disabilities

sensory seeking versus sensory sensitive Fort Myers ABA therapists child behavior experts

Is Your Child Sensory-Seeking or Sensory-Sensitive? Or Both?

Is your child sensory-seeking, sensory-sensitive – or both?? As Fort Myers ABA therapists, we recognize that many behaviors are rooted in sensory processing issues. This is particularly true of kids who are on the autism spectrum. Understanding your child’s sensory…

play-based therapy Fort Myers speech therapy, ABA therapy, Occupational therapy, physical therapy

Why We Love Play-Based Therapy for Kids in Speech, ABA, OT, and PT

FOCUS Therapy offers pediatric speech therapy, ABA therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online. Additional Resources: The Efficacy of Play Therapy With Children: A Meta-Analytic Review of Treatment Outcomes.,…

Fort Myers ABA autism motor skills pediatric therapy

How Autism Impacts Motor Skills – and How Fort Myers ABA & OT Helps

occupational therapy for babies

“Occupational Therapy for Babies? What Does That Look Like?”

Fort Myers occupational therapy

Fort Myers Occupational Therapy Helps Kids Acquire Life Skills

Fort Myers OT in-clinic

Fort Myers OT Explains In-Clinic vs. School-Based