AAC Fort Myers Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Now Offered at FOCUS Therapy in Fort Myers

https://s3.gomedia.ws/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2024/03/19123542/Augmentative-and-Alternative-Communication-AAC-FOCUS.mp4 FOCUS Therapy is excited and proud to announce that we now offer Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC). Children who struggle with spoken language can undergo an AAC evaluation by our highly-skilled Fort Myers speech therapy team to determine if…

Fort Myers ABA therapy

Benefits of “Center-Based” Fort Myers ABA Therapy

Our Fort Myers ABA therapy is called “center-based,” meaning it’s provided in-clinic. Here, we offer some insight into why we believe it’s the most effective approach. Have more questions? Contact us for an initial consultation!

Fort Myers ABA therapy bribery vs. reinforcement

Bribery vs. Reinforcement: Understanding the Difference in Fort Myers ABA Therapy

Our Fort Myers ABA therapy providers at FOCUS know that the reinforcement strategies used in our sessions can sometimes be confused for bribery. Here, we break down the key differences – which can help parents understand why one is highly…

behavior science strategies

Fort Myers ABA Therapists Provide Behavior Science Strategies for Parents

Our Fort Myers ABA therapists use proven behavior science strategies to address difficult or dangerous behaviors and promote functional and safe behaviors. A big part of our efforts involve parent education. The more these skills are practiced at home and…

When to seek ABA therapy in Fort Myers

When It’s Time to Seek ABA Therapy in Fort Myers

Considering ABA therapy in Fort Myers for your child? Here, FOCUS Therapy behavior therapists offer insight into when ABA (behavior therapy) is typically recommended. Contact us to schedule an ADOS test or inquire about starting ABA therapy or behavior consulting.

ABA therapy helps with child aggressive behavior

Struggling With Aggressive Child Behavior? Our Fort Myers ABA Therapists Can Help!

Fort Myers ABA therapist strategies to use at home

Practice These Behavior Therapy Strategies at Home!

Concrete thinkers communication Fort Myers speech therapist

Fort Myers Speech Therapist Tips for Communicating With Concrete Thinkers