ABA therapy helps with child aggressive behavior

Struggling With Aggressive Child Behavior? Our Fort Myers ABA Therapists Can Help!

Are you struggling with aggressive child behavior like kicking, biting, hitting, etc.? Every kid has moments now and then, but if it’s becoming a real problem and you aren’t sure what to do, our Fort Myers ABA therapists can help.

We are child behavior experts, and use evidence-based strategies and positive reinforcement to help parents address difficult and/or dangerous behaviors. We can do this in intensive ABA therapy, but we understand many parents run into roadblocks with insurance when their child doesn’t have a qualifying diagnosis, such as autism spectrum disorder or down syndrome. That is why we offer behavior consulting.

We can help parents figure out what is causing the underlying behavior issue and then generate a plan of action. Assessments can take place where you are most comfortable – at home or in the clinic. From there, we can follow up as much as needed – in person, over the phone, or through email.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!

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