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At What Age Should My Child Start Speech Therapy?

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How We Use Storytelling in Fort Myers Speech Therapy

From fables and fairytales to silly rhymes and serious plots, kids LOVE story time! At its core, storytelling is about connection and communication. Everyone has a story to tell, and stories help us to understand the world around us and…

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Fort Myers Speech Therapist Tips on Reducing Kids’ Screen Time

Fort Myers speech therapist

Does My Child Need a Fort Myers Speech Therapist if His Speech is Hard to Understand?

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4 Things to Look for in a Florida Speech Therapist for Kids

At FOCUS, we’re familiar with the process of searching for a Florida speech therapist for kids. When we’re looking to hire speech therapists, there are some key things that we look for – and it goes beyond the right education,…

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My Child Has a Lisp. Does She Need Speech Therapy?

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Speech Therapist Answers: “Why Does My Child With Autism Echo Words and Sounds?”

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“Bad” Behavior in Kids Could Signal Need for Occupational & Speech Therapy