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FOCUS Therapy Whole-Clinic Hide-and-Seek Helps Kids Sharpen Key Skills

We always have fun at FOCUS Therapy 🤩– but today was ✨extra✨ fun…. This gorgeous, sunny weather ☀️ spurred us into a whole-clinic game of hide-and-seek with all our kids & therapists!

How does this help kids with therapy goals for speech, OT, PT, and ABA, you ask? SO many ways! 💚

FOCUS Therapy Hide-and-Seek

We worked on executive functioning skills (thinking/organization) 🤔 like counting, deciding on a “safe spot,” and memorizing key phrases like, “ready or not, here I come!” They also practiced social skills like turn-taking, encouraging friends, waiting quietly, and being a good sport. 👬👭👫 And we can’t overlook all the gross motor skills practice & physical exercise they squeezed in with activities like running,🏃 squatting, balance, and spatial awareness.

After the game, we wound down with a “comprehension session,” all gathering on a circle rug where we practiced classroom/school readiness skills like raising hands, taking turns, listening when others are talking, and asking/answering who-what-when-why-where-how questions.

💚💚From the outside looking in, sometimes FOCUS Therapy sessions look like we’re “just having fun.” But that’s because we WANT it to be fun! 💚 Research shows kids learn best and are driven to give their all when they’re happy, engaged, and having a blast! 💚

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