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Florida Speech Therapy at Home With Virtual Therapy

Beyond the current need for social distancing, there are many reasons parents may be looking for pediatric therapy options that would allow their kids to have Florida speech therapy at home. There’s the convenience of it, particularly if you have to work or have other kids and commitments. Travel can be especially difficult too if you live in a more remote area.

Whatever the incentive, FOCUS Therapy in Fort Myers offers the next best thing: Teletherapy. Also known as virtual therapy, it’s a service we’ve been offering since even before the pandemic, becoming a regional leader in the field. We now extend it not just to those in Southwest Florida but to kids across the whole State of Florida who may be looking for speech therapy at home. Our reason is simple: It works.

Although many are initially skeptical of speech teletherapy, research and our own anecdotal evidence have proven it’s actually very effective for many kids with a range of conditions. And, it can be carried out in the comfort of your own home with a laptop and internet connection.

Of course, not all therapies can be successfully administered remotely or for every child. However, there are many situations in which telehealth is an effective option – and it’s usually covered by insurance the same as in-clinic treatments.

Some reasons those seeking Florida speech therapy at home might consider virtual therapy:

  • Provides access where there otherwise might be none. Maybe you can’t find a quality provider in your area. This is especially true if you live in a rural area or have a child with a linguistically diverse background. Speech teletherapy connects you to our certified, licensed and compassionate speech therapists no matter where you are in Florida.
  • Improves interactions for kids comfortable with computers. Kids love screens. Online speech therapy is a way for them to connect via a screen in a way that is meaningful, fun and will help them target their communication goals.
  • Reduces cancellation rates. Life happens. But if you’re sick or the roads are bad due to inclement weather – your child can still keep their appointment. Same if you suddenly need to travel. All you need is a device, an internet connection and a quiet space, and your child can continue receiving the services that require consistency for optimal developmental progress.
  • Greater carryover. Kids have the benefit of receiving therapy in an environment that is familiar and comfortable. They get to practice in the place where they need those skills to carryover. And it’s easier for parents to listen in or even get involved.
  • Increases the range of options for kids who need specific types of treatments. Teletherapy allows kids to work with therapists skilled in treating their specific disorders – therapists who might not be available for in-person sessions (especially if you’re in another corner of the state). Our speech therapists treat children with conditions like aphasia, autism, childhood apraxia and swallowing disorders. Teletherapy allows us to offer our services to kids in a much broader range.
  • Recorded sessions. Our teletherapy sessions are all conducted with secure, HIPAA-compliant apps and can be recorded. One of the benefits of this is parents and therapists can review this information later for better carryover and improved future treatment.

Plus, there is a great deal of research to support the position that teletherapy can be just as effective – if not more effective, in some cases – than in-clinic treatments.

In addition to online speech therapy, we offer online occupational therapy for kids too – from the Florida Keys to the Emerald Coast. If you have questions, we’re happy to help answer them!

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