FOCUS Therapy sensory gym

Our Favorite Sensory Gym Equipment for Kids With Disabilities & Delays

A sensory gym can be summed up in a single phrase: “Putting the FUN in FUNctional!”

If your child is beginning pediatric therapy (speech, occupational, physical, or ABA) at one of our two Fort Myers clinics, you’ve probably noticed some areas decorated with bright walls and packed with an array of Some of the equipment you see might look a lot like what you’ll observe in a playground or actual gym.

Although it may look like a bit of a free-for-all, a sensory gym is strategically designed to provide a structured environment to help children with delays and disabilities work on their sensory, motor, and communication skills.

With sensory processing issues, some kids are overwhelmed by too much sensory information (over-sensitivity) while others aren’t stimulated enough by sensory input. Time in a sensory gym helps integrate those skills, helping them to better understand, organize, and respond to the sensory input they receive.

Some of the equipment is great for help with proprioceptive and vestibular skills and balance, bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body in a coordinated manner), strength-building and balance.

And because these “toys” are so popular, they can be used as a “communication temptation” as well as an opportunity to build key social skills when kids are in therapy side-by-side. One could be in speech therapy and another in occupational therapy, playing together in a ball pit and both working to build key skills for communication, movement, and independence.

Whether your child is just starting at FOCUS Therapy or you’re considering our clinics, we’re happy to give parents a tour of our sensory gyms and explain how the different equipment can be used to help your child achieve their developmental goals.

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