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FOCUS Therapy Now Offers Behavior Consulting for Southwest Florida Kids

FOCUS Therapy is now offering a new service called behavior consulting to families and kids in Southwest Florida. We recognize that ABA therapy is not available to every family – either because their child doesn’t have a qualifying diagnosis like autism or because the services are too expensive or intensive. But behavior consulting can be offered to kids of all ages – diagnosis or not – to

Behavior consulting isn’t a substitute for ABA therapy. But it can be a lifeline to parents struggling to help their children overcome issues with aggression, defiance, tantrums, routine changes, or social/communication issues. We may be able to offer these services as a stop-gap while you’re waiting on all the professional assessments and referrals required to begin ABA therapy. Or we can serve as helpful guides for you and your child as you navigate through a particularly rough or puzzling patch of behavior problems.

Behavior consulting involves assessment, action planning, and 1:1 parent coaching and follow-up. Our team of BCBAs (board certified behavior analysts) work to understand the why of your child’s behavior. We then formulate an evidence-based plan to help effectively address the underlying issues. It’s tailored and workable for you.

Unlike ABA therapy, which we offer strictly in-clinic, behavior consulting can be done in-clinic, at-home, or virtually (by phone or video conferencing). Services are paid out-of-pocket, but are affordable – and you have the option to tailor it to a schedule that fits your needs, availability, and budget. Our level of involvement can range anywhere from a 30-minute phone call once a month to a more intensive initial assessment followed by bi-weekly, hourlong home visits and coaching.

We understand that not all Southwest Florida kids and families have the same needs. Our outreach and treatment services should reflect that. Behavior consulting does not require a diagnosis or doctor’s referral. That said, because we are specifically trained in the science of behavior and work daily with children who have a broad range of neurological, developmental, and psychological delays and disabilities, pediatric doctors and specialists often find our reports and opinions valuable when considering potential diagnoses.

During our parent coaching sessions, children may or may not be present. The primary goal is to empower YOU!

If you have additional questions about Behavior Consulting services, we’d be happy to hear from you and offer any insight or help we can.

FOCUS Therapy offers ABA therapy and ADOS testing to children in Lee County, Florida.

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