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5 Major Benefits of Our Fort Myers ABA Therapy

If your child has been referred to Fort Myers ABA therapy, you’re likely learning what a commitment it is and wondering if it will truly be worth it. At FOCUS Therapy, we answer with a resounding “YES!”

It’s not just because it’s our job. It’s because we see the tremendous difference that Fort Myers ABA (short for applied behavior analysis) has on the kids we work with and their families. Our processes are evidence-based, positive, and give kids opportunities to communicate, learn and grow in ways their families at one point that were not possible.

What is Fort Myers ABA Therapy at FOCUS?

ABA therapy is considered “the gold standard” for autism treatment, though it is sometimes used to effectively treat behavior issues of kids with other conditions, such as Down syndrome. It’s a specialized, evidence-based approach that focuses on improving specific behaviors that are (or will be) impediments to a child’s ability to be independent, learn and form healthy relationships.

The impact of what we do in ABA therapy extends far beyond the therapy session – or even the classroom. We teach children skills they will use in life, for life. It’s about setting a strong foundation that empowers your child with the skills they will need to thrive, both now and well into the future.

Key Benefits of ABA for Kids

Some of the most fundamental ways that our Fort Myers ABA therapy services help children include:

1. Improved social skills.

A child’s ability to make meaningful connections and build lasting friendships is central to their health and happiness as a human being. ABA helps by teaching children how to navigate essential social skills that many of us take for granted, but that kids with autism and other conditions struggle to master. These include:

  • Initiating conversations
  • Turn-taking
  • Recognizing other people’s emotions
  • Recognizing and self-regulating your own emotions

Your child will make friends in therapy and learn to make friends for life. As a bonus, parents often find their own “tribe” of other parents. We’ve seen so many wonderful friendships form at FOCUS Therapy — kids, parents, therapists, siblings, etc.

2. Improved Communication.

Learning to communicate effectively is a life skill. ABA therapy helps children unlock that ability, by helping them identify their feelings, voice their thoughts, and do so in a way that is effective and mindful of the situation they’re in. When a child can communicate effectively, it also significantly helps to reduce unexpected/problem behaviors.

We know that communication is different for everyone. In fact, behavior itself is a form of communication. When we understand what they are trying to communicate, we can help them convey it more effectively so everyone understands.

3. Reduced Problem Behaviors.

Certain problem behaviors are more than merely embarrassing for parents. They can be dangerous – to the child and to others. Things like tantrums, aggression and self-injury can be incredibly challenging for parents.

ABA therapy teaches children alternative means of coping and communicating. We use positive reinforcement to encourage the child to use “expected” ways of communicating that don’t put themselves or others at risk. This ultimately leads to safer, calmer, more productive environments – at home, at school and in the community.

4. Increased Independence.

A child learning to manage their own self-care chores and routines is huge for our patients and their families. From brushing their teeth to washing their hands to dressing themselves to cleaning up after themselves – it not only helps the entire family, it gives the child an incredible sense of achievement and boost of self-confidence. It also increases the time they get to spend doing other things, like learning, playing, and connecting.

5. Better Academic Performance.

ABA Therapy provides targeted academic support to help kids take on new concepts, navigate the rules of a classroom and achieve great things. Although our credentials may be different than that of a teacher in a typical classroom, the truth is our RBTs and BCBAs ARE teachers. We are teaching these kids skills and concepts they’re going to use in everyday life.

At FOCUS Therapy, we are committed to helping children of all abilities learn, grow, connect, and thrive!

FOCUS offers pediatric ABA therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online.

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