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FOCUS Therapy Prioritizes Therapist Relationships With Patients & Parents

At FOCUS Therapy, one of the first things we do when starting speech, occupational, or ABA therapy with a new patient is make it a point to begin building a positive relationship with the child and their parents/caregivers.

The fact is, genuine connection and trust are the foundation upon which successful therapy is built. Without that, progress on important goals would always be lacking. For any pediatric therapy to work, the child has to be engaged, invested, and excited to learn. They also must trust their therapist with their physical, mental, and emotional well-being – because there are times when it can get hard. They need to know that we are always looking out for them, and only pushing their limits because we care about them and want to see them grow and thrive.

We know the only way to establish that kind of bond is to put in the time and effort – working slowly up to tougher tasks, keeping open communication with parents, and letting our genuine love for these kids and this work shine through.

There is actual research to back this up as well. In a 2021 study published in the journal JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis, researchers found that when therapists have better relationships with their patients, patient outcomes are markedly better!

As FOCUS Therapy owner/founder Jennifer Voltz-Ronco says, “Almost any practical skill can be taught to a person if they work hard enough to learn it. But genuine passion for working with kids – especially those who may be struggling with numerous major challenges – that’s something a person either has or they don’t. So when I hire a pediatric therapist, I’m looking for people who truly care about these children – and come back every day, every week, every month for THEM. THOSE are the people I want on my team.”

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