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6 Signs Your Baby Might Need Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy

Are you concerned your baby isn’t meeting their developmental milestones for sitting, standing, walking, and balance? It’s important to discuss your concerns with a pediatrician, as they may need a referral for physical therapy and/or occupational therapy.

There are many conditions for which an infant, toddler, or young child may benefit from physical or occupational therapy. What’s important is early intervention. The sooner your child can “catch up” to their same age peers, the fewer challenges they’ll struggle with down the road.

Our pediatric physical therapy and occupational therapy teams help children with both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. If you suspect your child *might* need these interventions, it’s best not to wait and see. Talk to your child’s pediatrician to obtain a referral for a full evaluation, which will provide insight into whether your child is behind developmentally and may benefit from physical and/or occupational therapies.

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