FOCUS Therapy Fort Myers Supports “Trees for Moms”

FOCUS Therapy is proud to support in its mission to reforest this community and beyond, one tree at a time. The “Trees for Mom” campaign by OneTree is a great local initiative that involves planting trees right here in Southwest Florida. It’s an opportunity to name a tree after a special mom in your life!

Mother’s Day is coming up – just a few days left –  and Trees for Mom is a sweet way to honor her with a lasting symbol, and simultaneously make Southwest Florida more beautiful. Each tree is just $12, and OneTree was co-founded by one of our own in the “FOCUS family!”

Our Fort Myers speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists at FOCUS believe in planting the seeds of effective communication, growth and well-being for the next generation. Success is achievable when we aim for steady, long-term solutions and stay the course.

In the same way growing trees require just the right kind of soil, access to sunlight and a steady water source, we recognize that helping your child reach peak potential means we need to strike that balance as therapists. We work to identify what areas need work, what solutions are going to be most effective for your little sapling and then we formulate short- and long-term goals.

Just like most trees, we may not see dramatic results overnight. But over time, when you “Follow Our Course Until Successful,” you will likely be amazed at the ways in which your child will thrive.

Some children need a more nurturing approach. Some need a bigger challenge. No matter what the case, we at FOCUS Therapy believe every session should be fun! Imaginative, creative play helps assist with a child’s growth and adjustment and is helpful not just in developing the technical skill sets, but also in helping them cope with real-life situations.

Our pediatric therapists offer a warm, encouraging environment that helps to empower your child to discover all the ways they can grow and learn.

Just as our children need certain these essential tools to grow, so too does our Earth. We hope this Mother’s Day you’ll help us in supporting and the Trees for Mom campaign to help make Fort Myers a more beautiful place for all our children.

FOCUS offers pediatric speech therapy in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Call (239) 313.5049 or Contact Us online.

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