PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant)

Tabitha Baxter, PTA, has worked in a variety of settings over the last decade, treating patients with a broad array of conditions in numerous settings. After earning her Associate of Science in Physical Therapy from Broward State College in 2009, she has applied her skills in skilled nursing, home health and outpatient care. Primarily, though, she has worked in an orthopedic outpatient setting.

Baxter’s interest in the field was inspired by seeing the striking improvement physical therapy made for a close friend with cerebral palsy, but also when she required it herself after an accident.

“I observed some pediatric physical therapy during that time, and the idea of improving children’s lives through play was one that really excited me,” Baxter said. “I have always loved working with children. They never cease to amaze me with their abounding optimism and ability to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.”

Baxter joined the FOCUS physical therapy team in 2019, and said she especially enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that everyone meshes so well as a team, something she called “truly amazing.”

“I believe in listening to my patients – no matter how young – and tailoring my treatment to them and their specific needs and even how they’re feeling on a particular day,” she said. “Patient-guided, versus cookie-cutter treatment, is the best way to attain optimal outcomes. What worked yesterday might not work today – and that’s Ok!”

A native of Syracuse, NY, Baxter moved to Florida when she was 10, reveling in the beautiful beaches and aquatic life that flourishes here. In the cooler months, she enjoys venturing out on the various rivers and inlets on kayak. Traveling – whether across town or oceans – is another favorite past time, as are long walks with her husband, cuddling with her eight furbabies and shopping for beads to make bracelets sold on her Etsy store.