Graciela “Gracie” Navarro, COTA/L

Graciela Navarro FOCUS Therapy


Graciela Navarro (“Gracie”) is a certified occupational therapist assistant with an associates degree from Keiser University, licensed by the State of Florida and nationally certified. She is also certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR.

Fluent in English and Spanish and a Florida resident since the age of 5, Navarro says she was drawn to occupational therapy for the opportunity to help make a tangible, positive difference in the lives of patients, while also flexing her creative muscles. Although she has treated children with a wide range of conditions since joining the FOCUS Fort Myers Occupational Therapy team in 2008, she’s had particular success in treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory processing disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), fine/gross motor delays, gross motor positioning and cerebral palsy. She especially enjoys working with children, and revels in all the “firsts” she’s witnessed/experienced with families.

The best part of working at FOCUS Fort Myers occupational therapy for pediatrics, Graciela says, is the fact that there is so much collaboration among the various therapy disciplines, allowing therapists to approach treatment with the perspective of looking through the “whole child” lens, rather than solely through that of one’s own area of expertise. Plus – the days are fun!

“When therapy feels like play, it’s so much more effective,” Navarro said.

Graciela’s idea of “play” outside the clinic involves beach days, Disney World and family cookouts.