Ana “XuXu” Dormann, SLPA

Ana Xuxu Dorman


Ana Claudia “Xuxu” Dormann is licensed as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant in the State of Florida.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at Izabela Hendrix Integrated Methodist Colleges in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She has a postgraduation degree/specialization in Hospital Speech Therapy in the University of Estacio de Sa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Xuxu grew up in Brazil. She is a triplet, and her house was always full of kids to play with.

“My mom always preferred to have our friends in her house rather than take 3 kids on play dates,” she said.

Xuxu grew up with a lot of kids and always wanted to help those in need.

“I like to see all children interacting and having better socialization.”

Nine years before she moved to the United States, Xuxu founded her own private Speech Language Therapy clinic. She also worked at a private school with focus on Early Intervention for Down Syndrome students. She has had patients of all ages, but her passion in working with children.

Xuxu is fluent in both English and Portuguese. She likes to work with children who have Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, and Expressive Language Disorders.

She met her husband in Florida. She moved to SWFL in 2005 after she got married. She joined the Focus team in Fort Myers in 2019.

“I am learning a lot with all my co-workers. FOCUS is a pleasant and fun workplace, I am very grateful to be part of this team.”

Her philosophy: “Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”

She works to help them to succeed even when the improvement is slow and gradual. Maintaining a good relationship with their families is indispensable. She makes the therapy sessions enjoyable and fun.

Xuxu enjoys spending time with her family. Her children, Antonio and Briana, who she calls her treasures, are a huge part of her life. She also enjoys going out with friends, Facetime with her brothers in Brazil, reading and traveling.